The Best Shipping Agencies Care about More Than Money

Shipping agencies are available for every segment and need, but many of them seem to care about the bottom line—exclusively. While getting a great value and spending less is important and a consideration, it shouldn’t be the only thing your shipping agency cares about.

Avoiding Damage

In addition to ensuring your business is paying a fair price, the best shipping agencies will ensure you have proper instructions for how to package your shipment to avoid damage during transit. Also, the shipment handlers treat your shipment with care so that the movement of your shipment is not going to cause damage.

Protecting the Shipment

Many people thought Blackbeard was a fictional character. The existence of pirates is real and they exist on land and the sea. The best shipping agencies care about protecting their load against theft and incidental damage.  Many will have insurance policies in case of such an event. The best agency plans their routes according to known incidents to decrease risk and ensure your shipment arrives as intended.

On-Time Delivery

Some agencies make sacrifices in the name of on-time delivery. The best shipping agencies can deliver your entire shipment, without damage, and without delay. Caring about the deadline more than the other important aspects of shipping is shortsightedness by the shipping agency. Ask any customer, they would much rather have late shipments if it means the whole shipment arrives without damage.

All of the Above

The best shipping agencies care about all of the aspects of a successful shipment. The agency should ensure first of all, your business is getting the best price for your needs. Next, the shipment should arrive on-time, without loss, and with no damage to the goods being shipped. A thorough agency will care about your shipment from pick-up to delivery and when they do, you’ve found one of the best!

DalyWorks cares. To speak about your shipping needs, call 701.219.3323

How to Ship Internationally to Your Customers

When your business expands internationally, knowing how to get your products to your global customers can be an enigma. Shipping internationally has various rules, regulations, and embargoed countries. A little study goes a long way to ensure your customer receives his or her package.

Start with the right documents

Each time your shipment leaves or enters a country, it needs to go through the respective customs office. Nothing slows down the travel time of a shipment as much as not having the right documents. Here are the basic forms and documents needed with your shipment:

  • Commercial Invoice (one original and two copies)
  • U.S. Certificate of Origin
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (if goods are over $2,500 or commodities)

Ensure your packaging type is sturdy

Obvious for many, but taking the time and diligence to use a more sturdy box and proper packing materials to protect your goods will save time and money in the future. The shipment will encounter many different stops along the way to be verified by customs and the shipping company. If there is not enough packing material or a flimsy container, there is an increased risk of damage.

Know the restricted goods and countries

Due to import and export policies, certain items can only be imported or exported in specific amounts. Some items like plants and seeds are completely restricted due to concerns like the issues caused by  invasive species. Likewise there are entire countries that the United States does not allow trade with. Cuba is the most common example. Here are a few others:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Vietnam
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Haiti
  5. Belarus

Because a country is on this list, does not mean all shipments are banned. For example, there is an Arms embargo for Haiti. The best approach is to visit the US Department of State for a list of Country Policies and Embargoes.

Shipping internationally can seem difficult but the great staff at Dalyworks will help make sure your shipment arrives in a timely manner. It takes a little bit of time to look into things like embargos and restrictions and prepare the required paperwork, but it’s well worth it when your international customer receives the shipment on schedule!

Planning to ship internationally soon? We can assist you! Request a consultation.

Dalyworks Provides Event Services for National Convention of Service Disabled Veterans and Small Businesses

Dalyworks has teamed up with On Target Professionals to provide Event Services for the 9th Annual National Convention of Service Disabled Veterans and Small Businesses to be held July 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Conference features exhibitors and many guest speakers, panel discussions, and training sessions. “We are excited at the networking and education opportunities offered at this event as well as opportunity to be of maximum services to other Veteran Owned Small Businesses,” says Dalyworks owner, Sean Daly.

Dalyworks is proud to be certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Their involvement and passion for the SDVOB is apparent. Daly and his wife, Brenda, will be participating as members of the Minnesota Chapter of SDVOB.

For more information about the National Convention of Service Disabled Veteran and Small Businesses, please visit If you are interested in learning about the SDVOB, please visit

DalyWorks is a shipping logistics company whose focus is on creating a simplified and more efficient method of shipping and receiving goods. They work through dozens for shipping companies to provide you with the lowest rate possible while providing quality, personal, and friendly customer service. DalyWorks is proud to be certified as a Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business by the Center of Veteran Enterprise (CVE) on behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). For more information about DalyWorks, please visit or call 701-219-3323.

When an Expedited Shipping Time is Worth It

If you need to ship something in a short amount of time your business might choose an expedited shipping method. What makes an expedited shipment faster could be one of many things such as the mode of transportation, the order of processing, and the amount of attention given to the shipment. Expedited shipping usually comes at a premium, but there are times when an expedited shipping time is worth it.

When there’s a deadline

The most common time shipments are expedited is when there is a deadline for delivery. Couriers have their own definitions for what levels of quicker delivery they offer so be sure to define exactly when the shipment must be received by the customer. Some couriers even allow you to choose a time for services such as the shipment must be received by 5:00 pm or 10:00 am.

When the shipment must be there on a specific day

Your customer might not have a place to store a large shipment but must have it by a certain day. Your business could wait to fulfill the order until shortly before the customer needs it and then send the shipment with an expedited service. One example of this is event services. Often times event centers and hotels have back-to-back events without space to store event items for the next group. Choosing an expedited service ensures proper timing of the delivery.

When the shipment contains time-sensitive materials

Whether your goods are perishable or have dated materials, getting a shipment to a distributor or customer quickly is important. Imagine an all-natural bread baker who’s gone national. Her shipments must make it to the stores with plenty of time to be on display for the end-customer to consume. Expedited shipping time is definitely worth it in the case of time sensitive shipments.

When a customer needs to be pleased

There’s nothing like a pleased customer to improve your reputation. Any easy way to impress (or mend a relationship) with a customer is to send their shipment with an expedited service and surprise them with how fast your business can get the product to them. Being quick to respond to your customers’ needs is important in earning trust.

An expedited shipping time is worth it for many different reasons. So reasons are for necessity like when the customer has a deadline or time-sensitive materials. Other reasons for an expedited shipping time are ways to earn trust and build a great reputation. Whether you business must make a deadline or would like to please a prickly customer, DalyWorks has several solutions.

Highlights from the National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo

Sean Daly, President and owner of Dalyworks has been at the National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo in Detroit since Tuesday. The conference, which goes until Friday, has already proven to be a great success. Here are some of the highlights of the conference thus far:

Amazing Keynote Speakers:  One highlight of the Conference has been the amazing keynote speakers. Including:

  • Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Mr. John R. Gingrich, Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
  • Detroit Mayor Dave Bing

Networking Session:  Attendees of the conference were able to network at the Welcome Reception. Some of the keynote speakers and procurement decision makers, including Secretary Shinseki and Chief Gingrich, met with attendees and exhibitors at the event.

Breakout Sessions: The conference also features a lot of session on specific topics, such as marketing and shipping logistics. In fact, according to the event’s Twitter account @vetbizconf,  ( link to the twitter post)they are adding VA senior leader roundtables and VGP networking roundtables with corporate decision makers to the agenda.  Our favorite session was on shipping logistics, brought to you by our own Sean Daly.

Fun, Helpful Gadgets:  To aid in the networking process, the conference provided attendees with Poken. They allow attendees to exchange digital business information as well as collect other materials, such as brochures. Attendees love how easy they make exchanging information, in fact Sean made the photo of the day using his Poken!

Today is the last day of the Conference. The last few days have been filled with great information and amazing networking possibilities. Keep watching our Facebook and Twitter for updates from Sean about his experiences at the National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo.

Photo Credit: National Veteran Small Business Conference

Sean Daly, Dalyworks Selected to Speak at National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo

Sean Daly, President of Dalyworks, has been selected to be a guest speaker at this year’s National Veteran Small Business Conference and Expo. The event is hosted in Detroit, June 26-29.

The Conference is expected to have over 6,000 attendees and 500 different exhibits. Daly is an expert in the shipping industry, and he is excited to share his knowledge and insight with the many attendees at the Conference. His presentation is titled Taking Charge of your Freight: Tips for Managing Freight/Shipping Costs for the Small Business. “Shipping costs have a direct impact on the profit and productivity of any sized company; hard dollar costs, time, new customer growth and customer retention,” says Daly.

The presentation is designed to help attendees understand how freight pricing is determined, why shipping is important, how to match the type of carrier for your business’s needs, and much more.

Anyone interested in learning more about how to best implement shipping needs into their current business strategy does not want to miss this presentation. For more information about the conference, visit

Precious Cargo: Who do you trust with your shipping needs?

As a business owner, you too are shipping precious cargo.  Your products represent the value that your business provides, and your customers expect an outstanding customer experience. Businesses that require products to be shipped rely on shipping companies to get their products from point A to point B without any problems.  Choosing the right company can be difficult. Here are some tips to find the best shipping option for you.

  • Cost-Effective – Make sure that the company you are working with is giving you a fair-price for what you need. This can be difficult, with so many different options out there for you to choose from. Be sure to shop around for the best choice for you.
  • Type of Shipping – What type of shipping does your company need? Shipping a few small parcels requires a different service than shipping pallets of products to their destination.
  • Good Reputation–The best way to know if the company you have decided on is reliable is to do a little research. Look to see what past clients have said about their services.
  • Accountability – The most important quality is accountability. Your customers expect to have their product arrive on time and in a good condition. The company you are shipping with needs to provide quality service.

Not sure where to start? Don’t stress. There are shipping companies, like DalyWorks that work with you to find the shipping solutions that work best for your business. DalyWorks understands the importance of providing customers with a great product, like you do. The only difference is their product is their service to you and your business. They will help you find the best shipping for you to create a great experience for your customers. With the right shipping solutions, your precious cargo will arrive at its destination safe and sound.