When an Expedited Shipping Time is Worth It

If you need to ship something in a short amount of time your business might choose an expedited shipping method. What makes an expedited shipment faster could be one of many things such as the mode of transportation, the order of processing, and the amount of attention given to the shipment. Expedited shipping usually comes at a premium, but there are times when an expedited shipping time is worth it.

When there’s a deadline

The most common time shipments are expedited is when there is a deadline for delivery. Couriers have their own definitions for what levels of quicker delivery they offer so be sure to define exactly when the shipment must be received by the customer. Some couriers even allow you to choose a time for services such as the shipment must be received by 5:00 pm or 10:00 am.

When the shipment must be there on a specific day

Your customer might not have a place to store a large shipment but must have it by a certain day. Your business could wait to fulfill the order until shortly before the customer needs it and then send the shipment with an expedited service. One example of this is event services. Often times event centers and hotels have back-to-back events without space to store event items for the next group. Choosing an expedited service ensures proper timing of the delivery.

When the shipment contains time-sensitive materials

Whether your goods are perishable or have dated materials, getting a shipment to a distributor or customer quickly is important. Imagine an all-natural bread baker who’s gone national. Her shipments must make it to the stores with plenty of time to be on display for the end-customer to consume. Expedited shipping time is definitely worth it in the case of time sensitive shipments.

When a customer needs to be pleased

There’s nothing like a pleased customer to improve your reputation. Any easy way to impress (or mend a relationship) with a customer is to send their shipment with an expedited service and surprise them with how fast your business can get the product to them. Being quick to respond to your customers’ needs is important in earning trust.

An expedited shipping time is worth it for many different reasons. So reasons are for necessity like when the customer has a deadline or time-sensitive materials. Other reasons for an expedited shipping time are ways to earn trust and build a great reputation. Whether you business must make a deadline or would like to please a prickly customer, DalyWorks has several solutions.