How to Ship Internationally to Your Customers

When your business expands internationally, knowing how to get your products to your global customers can be an enigma. Shipping internationally has various rules, regulations, and embargoed countries. A little study goes a long way to ensure your customer receives his or her package.

Start with the right documents

Each time your shipment leaves or enters a country, it needs to go through the respective customs office. Nothing slows down the travel time of a shipment as much as not having the right documents. Here are the basic forms and documents needed with your shipment:

  • Commercial Invoice (one original and two copies)
  • U.S. Certificate of Origin
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (if goods are over $2,500 or commodities)

Ensure your packaging type is sturdy

Obvious for many, but taking the time and diligence to use a more sturdy box and proper packing materials to protect your goods will save time and money in the future. The shipment will encounter many different stops along the way to be verified by customs and the shipping company. If there is not enough packing material or a flimsy container, there is an increased risk of damage.

Know the restricted goods and countries

Due to import and export policies, certain items can only be imported or exported in specific amounts. Some items like plants and seeds are completely restricted due to concerns like the issues caused by  invasive species. Likewise there are entire countries that the United States does not allow trade with. Cuba is the most common example. Here are a few others:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Vietnam
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Haiti
  5. Belarus

Because a country is on this list, does not mean all shipments are banned. For example, there is an Arms embargo for Haiti. The best approach is to visit the US Department of State for a list of Country Policies and Embargoes.

Shipping internationally can seem difficult but the great staff at Dalyworks will help make sure your shipment arrives in a timely manner. It takes a little bit of time to look into things like embargos and restrictions and prepare the required paperwork, but it’s well worth it when your international customer receives the shipment on schedule!

Planning to ship internationally soon? We can assist you! Request a consultation.